Artist Biography

       Anthony Sims (October 11, 1998) often stylized as Asimsart, is a Mexican-American contemporary artist from Southaven, Mississippi. Throughout his life, Anthony found himself obsessed with creation and dreamed of becoming a famous inventor. Growing up Anthony was heavily influenced by Jean-Michele Basquait, Nikola Tesla, and Hip-Hop.

       Anthony began his professional art career in early 2018 as he made his way into street shows put on by local organizers in Memphis, Tennessee. At the beginning of 2019, Sims landed his first magazine publication and gallery show at Jack Robinson's Gallery.

       In May of 2020, Anthony gained a degree in Electrical Engineering. During the summer of 2019 Anthony Sims met with Diana Vachier in New York City. After leaving New York in July, Anthony Sims moved to the Dallas/Fort Worth area of Texas where he became a Robotics Engineer. The following October, Diana would induct Anthony Sims into the American Pop Art collective created by herself and Steve Kaufman.

        From November 2019 throughout the year of 2020, Anthony worked with the LA Producer NugLife on projects with features from well known Hip-Hop artist Yung Simmie and Issa Gold. In March of 2020, Kate Cherry accepted Anthony's artwork into the Meridian Museum of Art's permanent collection making Anthony one of the youngest artists to ever be accepted into a museum's permanent collection. Sims met with Cherry in June of 2020, to donate the works to the museum.

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