Artist Statement

       A dynamic understanding of the two juxtaposing balances of nature "extemporized dichotomies" is brought to life through organized chaos in all of my art.

       Growing up in a more rural part of Mississippi I found myself not accepted by my white, black, or hispanic peers as one of them. I am not saying that I was treated poorly or well but I was never a part of a community of race. The concept of not belonging to a race in the Southern United States is a rather "profound" idea by anyone but it was a bit forced on me. I simply had no other choice. Therefore, in my works you will often see the perspective of the individual. I paint myself in whatever color I feel. I am all colors.

       Furthermore, I was in and out of special education speech courses as well as in accelerated learning courses throughout elementary school. I got to experience what it was like to be one of the "slow kids" and one of the "smart kids." These opposing forces of nature would create a very impressionable artist.

       My life's understanding thus far is a mixture of the Taoist/Daoist philosophy and Fredrick Nietchze's psychology. I like to believe life is a great balance. Existence happens and flows. I do not believe I am in control of anything other than my mindset on whatever path I have been steered onto. I never really know how to explain it because I do not live a complacent life however, I do let the universe or "God," if you will, guide me. This is how I create art. I make sure the colors are balanced but the painting itself comes from a sort of flow state that I am not really in control of. Everything just flows or happens and I react only to balance what is within my control.

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© 2020 by Robert Anthony Sims