Objects of Luxury

Fine art is prestigious within itself yet an Anthony Sims' piece is a life time of added luxuries. As of July 2020, when you purchase an Anthony Sims original it will come with a hand written, embossed, and framed Letter of Authenticity that is topped off with a wax sealed finger print. However, with sales growing annually Anthony Sims will be increasing the gifts in proportion to sales so if you buy artwork now you can expect all the additional complementary items sent directly to your home in the future.

"The higher my prices rise and the more art I sell, the more of a return your investment will have. Not only will the painting's value increase but the additional profits after expenses will be sent out as gifts to your home. Consider my art like a share in a pass through INC/LLC. The more wealth we bring in, the more I can send out in collectibles to you at no additional cost."

- Anthony Sims

-  -  -

Objects of Luxury;

Letter of Authenticity,

per each purchased painting.

(Active 2020)

Branded Vegan Leather Sleeves,

custom to each purchased painting.

(Scheduled release 2021)


Branded 99.99% pure Silver Pendant,

per each purchased painting.

(Scheduled release 2022)

More TBA

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