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Anthony Sims adds works to
the Meridian Museum of Art’s
permanent collection.

Anthony Sims (Asimsart) is an artist from North Mississippi who began his professional art career in Memphis, TN... at the beginning of 2020 he set out on a mission to get his artwork placed into a museum’s permanent collection.

Brutal Style and Energy in Diverse Works by Anthony Sims

Anthony Sims is a Mexican-American artist who was born and raised in Southaven, Mississippi, but began his art career in Memphis, Tennessee. His work is teeming with a brutal style and energy that lashes out of his diverse choice of canvas.

A Letter From Anthony Sims Pt.2

Last year, Anthony Sims shared a letter through our site that highlighted his experiences as an artist during that time. Today, he returns with a follow-up letter that details what he has accomplished since then.

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